Services to Youth Facet


Regine Beauboeuf, Chair


Facet Members:

Deborah Dorsett

Pam Early

Yvette Bing

Diane Washington

Bernadell Barnett

Sandra Robinson

Alexis Dishman

Recognizing the need to mentor and empower our young ladies, Renaissance Chapter members took action to develop Girl Stars! Girl Stars! is designed to empower  girls and provide career and professional development and mentoring relationships with chapter members.  This exemplary program, which operates in partnership with Old Redford Academy in Detroit, equips students with information, tools and vision to become successful and helps them take the necessary steps to become well-rounded women with an innate desire and ability to achieve their dreams.

Through Girl Stars!, we facilitate workshops focused on health and wellness, educational preparedness, life planning, etiquette, positive relationships and leadership/character building. The program also includes homework help sessions, mentoring sessions, internship opportunities and exposure to other professional women during the school’s annual Career Day.