Strategic Plan

The Renaissance (MI) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is comprised of 51 active members. Through collaborative partnerships, we develop, execute and sustain transformational programs within the framework of our five facets:

Our goals are simple enough to communicate clearly to our constituencies, strategic partners and members of the media, yet complex enough to meet the ever-changing needs of the women and children we serve with innovation and insight.

We strive to enhance our sisterhood through fellowship and our collective, diligent and unwavering commitment to service, always striving to promote the vision and objectives of our national organization.

Renaissance (MI) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated Strategic Goals:

  • Developing mentoring and training programs, which empower Renaissance Chapter members to lead and implement our overarching vision, mission and strategic goals.
  • Celebrating women in our local community and beyond through our WORKING ON WOMEN (WOW) umbrella program. The program includes collaborative efforts, training, mentoring and volunteerism. By providing these substantive programs through the work of our facets, we educate, enhance and empower women and children.
  • Enhancing communication through established audience development strategies and promoting our brand through social media efforts and our collaborative partners, as well as our national and chapter websites.


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